Monday, April 24, 2017

Miracles For Matt

Just over two years ago, this amazing young man named Matt Bowen, broke his C5 vertebra body surfing in the Pacific Ocean. Over the past few months I have been privileged to interview him, his family, and a few of his friends about this incredible story. It is this very story I have been working on writing the past few weeks. I will be sharing bits and pieces of his incredible journey as I chronicle Matt's crazy detour in his life and how he pressed forward despite the odds. #NormalForMe #LifeDetours #QuadLife #MiraclesForMatt

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Finding my "Normal" Font

I was working with my Producer this week on getting my author website ready to launch. We decided to get a mock cover of my book "Normal For Me" on there. One of my assignments was looking at different fonts for my cover. After looking at about 100 fonts I started giggling because I realized that reading all of these fonts that said "normal" was proving my point...every one of us is normal even though we are all different. #NormalAndDifferent #NormalForMe

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Sensory Sand

Kiddos on the autism spectrum often have sensory issues and are either over-reactive or under-reactive to their senses. Nathan found great joy in playing with the sand on the beach during our vacation (sensory seeking). He loved running his fingers through it over and over and touching and feeling the sand as it ran through his fingers in different ways. Yes, he did throw sand all over everything, but I was glad he was happy and enjoying the beach in his own way. #AutismAwareness #SensorySand

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Recurring Dream

There was that recurring dream…that one I asked God to stop--not because it was scary, but because I was so sad when I woke up and it wasn’t real. In my dream, Nathan was talking and laughing and communicating normally with me. It was as if nothing was wrong with him. It was as if autism was the dream. My joy in the dream was so immensely tangible. I talked to--really talked to and played with my boy. I loved that dream!
And then I’d wake up. And as the blissful dream slipped from my mind and reality crashed into my mind, I cried. I grieved. I mourned—again, and again, and again, with each ensuing dream. Finally, I did ask God to take the dreams away because the trauma of waking up and grieving each morning was too painful for my mama heart to handle.
I haven’t dreamed about my “normal” Nathan since.
You might consider me weak. I am sorry that I was not strong enough to dream. The reality was too harsh to face each morning. I am stronger now, but not strong enough to pray for the dreams to come back.
Maybe someday when heaven is closer I will have the courage to dream again. In that day when the resurrection touches all of us, the innocent soul I have been blessed to raise will finally receive a perfected body, thanks to the Savior. In that day, I will finally get to see that dream become a reality. I can hardly wait for that dream to come true, when I will ultimately communicate with my Nathan and we will laugh and talk like everyone else. We won’t be hampered autism anymore. And I won’t have to wake up and see it all disappear. #AutismAwareness #Resurrection#JesusChrist #Easter
If you were touched, please share. Happy Easter!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Enjoying the Waves

Vacationing with a child on the autism spectrum is always interesting. You never know what will interest them. When we went to Point Loma, Nathan LOVED watching the waves roll in. It was so sweet to watch him get so excited as he watched the ocean's waves. Enjoying the simple joys of life. #Autism #SimpleJoys


Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A Little Board Game Distraction

"No games." "I want iPad." Well iPad time was over. Sometimes as a mom you have to click into "distractor-mode" when your kiddos with autism are demanding electronics. The other day we busted out some old games that Nathan used to play--and even though he was hesitant at first he eventually came around and had a great time. My sweet Noelle will be a great teacher/mother someday. It was endearing to watch her encourage her big brother along. #AutismLife #BoardGames #SiblingLove

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Pajama Pants and Rubber Boots

I know what you are thinking...Styling! Right? If you were to pop over and visit me right after I helped Nathan get showered in the morning, this is how I would be decked out: t-shirt, pajama pants and rubber boots. I know. I know. You are thinking, "Tamara, you are a total trend setter. Why don't the fashion magazines follow you?" Well, gollly! It must be that pajama pants and rubber boots just haven't caught on yet. Give it time.
This is #AutismLife at its finest my friends. Here at the Anderson home we don't care what you look like or dress like. Everything is worn for practical purposes.
I wish I could say I hadn't gone out in public like this, but I must confess that I shoveled snow from the driveway several times dressed like this in the last few months. Thank goodness it was at 6:30am. When someone drove by I just smiled and waved--Ha ha. It's a miracle my neighbors still talk to me!
So, the next time you are looking oh so lovely in your pajama pants and boots you can know you are not alone in the world. I'm right there with you.
#AutismMom #ItsNormalForMe